FOOD4All is a Decentralized distributed Food Production for the developing world. Our Food Growing Pods allow those in the developing world to raise fish and grow vegetables in their homes with little to no human intervention. Plus, the food produced is connected to sellers and customers in a close proximate of our growing pods. The result is a low cost local food growing solution that allows people that is revolutionizing how people grow,eat, and sell food.


FOOD4All Global is dedicated to addressing sustainability and community empowerment by offering home-based food growing systems for those in the developing world. Our company will remain focused on our team being representative of the markets that we serve. By collaborating with like-minded people, we strive to make small but measurable impacts in the world.

Our Timeline →

  1. Functional Prototype For Food Growing Pod
  2. Beta Testing Food Growing App Free Companion App MVP
  3. Food Growing Pod Beta Test Food Growing Pod MVP
  4. App Launch Changing 30 lives, 30 Pods, One Kilometer At A Time Crowd funding Campaign and Follow Up Documentary
  5. Food4All Global Product Launch Distributors Live Cast
  6. Delivery of 30 Food Growing Pods Pre-Order Waiting List
  7. Changing 30 lives, 30 Pods, One Kilometer At A Time Part 2 Results and Impact
  8. Nigeria and Sub Sahara wide availability


Kevin Garrett, Cofounder & CEO of Food4All dives into how the company's beings, constraints, and vision.

Derek Florimonte, Cofounder & COO of Food4All discusses how he began his journey working with Food4All.

Uche Nnadi discusses how Enye is collaborating with Food4All to help empower students to build solutions.

Join Us

Our team is made up of smart and driven people who want to use agriculture to make a big difference in the world. We are always in search of partners and volunteers with that same vison . If that sounds like you, find your fit in our team.

Meet Our Awesome Team

We are a skilled team of professionals combining our creative geniuses and technical know-how to create wholesome experiences for our users.

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Kevin Garet

Kevin Garret

Chief Executive Officer

Derek Florimonte

Chief Operating Officer

James Carter Jr

Chief Technical Officer

Xavier Deroos

Director of Aquaponics and Bio Science

Miracle Ayodele

Mobile Application Architect

Daniel Damilare

System Integration Engineer